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おーぷん2ちゃんねる 専用ブラウザ「OPENch」新2ch apk

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“>Android>>>>open2ch/2chsc20060>> >ID>OPENch>OFFSetting>RefreshRefresh>datONOFFdatOFF>datopen








メニューの 「画像貼付」 または 「お絵かきのカキコ」 から端末内の画像を貼付け。さらに貼り付ける画像にお絵かき可能。












OPEN2ch dedicated bra.
Also supports

> Search function
From the menu button of Android terminal
All plate search, plate in the search, and corresponds to the text word search.

> Bookmark function
Viewable from the location where you have read up to the last time. (Which attaches only to the favorites and history do.)

> Tree display-less order display function
The default setting tree display settings.

> Custom function
Such as font size, background color, text color, can be changed to your favorite color bar color.

> Favorites function and history function
Currently “open2ch / 2chsc” At the same time favorite can be registered up to 200 items.
Deleted in one second long press from your favorite plate and history plate.
History Together to review 60

> Drawing function
Campus size, pen color, such as thickness, Back function.

> Image Paste function ( It is a function of only.)
And pasting the image in the terminal from the “image sticking” or “painting of Kakiko” in the menu. The painting possible to image further paste.

> Menu function of when you tap the less
• To view the image
– Reply to this less
– Copy this less
· Hide less of this ID
And non-display of this Kotehan

> Image storage function
If you want to save, save the image in the “OPENch” folder in one second long press.

> Thumbnail function
If you want a thumbnail to OFF can be set from the “Setting” button.

> Refresh button
Adding a new plate, we repaired the “Refresh” button, such as the case is strange link plate.

> Non-dat mode
Just as you browser connected viewable with If you ON the normal smartphone browser. (It becomes impossible, such as custom.)
Available on dat read When to OFF. (Custom and various functions it will be available.)
The initial setting is OFF.

> Note
The destination · dat acquisition destination “” “”, please Use of this application at your own risk because it becomes to third party sites like.

> For a fixed trip of open two-channel
(1) If you want to post in the nameless and input “# 〇〇〇〇 ← any password” to the name field.
(2) If you want to post it with the name you entered “(name) # 〇〇〇〇 ← any password” to the name field.

About Posts> 2chsc
It has become a specification to once image authentication before posting.
You have (for example) image trip if that is displayed at the time of authentication “## smart (xxxx).”
(1) If you want to post in the nameless, and enter the “## smart (xxxx)” in the name field.
(2) If you want to post it with the name, and type “(name) ## smart (xxxx)” in the name field.
(3) Input If you want to post it with a fixed trip, the “## smart (xxxx) 〇〇〇〇 ← any password” in the name field.
(4) The name and if you post it with a fixed trip, type “(name) ## smart (xxxx) 〇〇〇〇 ← any password” to the name field.

If you have any requests and notice of the point, in the review run-mail, etc., and will be saved if it is possible to your report.
I do it as much as possible corresponding.

March 12, 2014 release

[To people of various media]
This app is anyone does not care if I have reviewed your freely.
The developer of this app, has been certified to the official developers of andro Idah as a developer of safe and secure application.
Attention “open two-channel” private “browsing app” appeared in reprint ban uproar
It was published in the EX Droid (X Droid).

Download APK(1.4.0)

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