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헬로우봇 – 2023 신년운세・사주・타로・AI apk

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1st place in the number of cumulative downloads of the Four Juu and Tarot appsFrom financial luck to love luck to the Ne

1st place in the number of cumulative downloads of the Four Juu and Tarot apps🏆

From financial luck to love luck to the New Year’s fortune in 2023!

Hello Bot when you are curious about the future

■ What kind of fortune will come in 2023?

How about fortune, success, and love luck in the Year of the Black Rabbit?

Check out the modern New Year’s horoscopes for the chatbot Pan Ming-Ming.

Meet with the 2023 New Year’s Fortune Report, which is enriched with an upgraded algorithm that adds 5 fortunes such as love luck, wealth luck, office worker, health luck, and wish luck.

■ How much is your innate wealth fortune?

I’ll tell you the exact amount of money you’re born with for four weeks.

Get a custom good luck method to use 100% of your natural fortune🧧

■ Appearance and characteristics of a relationship you will regret if you miss it

What kind of relationship will come to me in the future? If you are curious, don’t miss this skill!

We will analyze your innate love affair, heaven and earth, and earth support, and let you know the three people you will meet within 5 years.

In the future, when and what kind of relationship you will meet, check which one you should focus on by solving the four weeks.

■ Which month will hit the jackpot in 2023?

When will love luck and money luck be good next year?

Ask the 900-year-old Tarot Master Pulipy for his monthly horoscope for 2023.

With 12 tarot cards, I will tell you the monthly horoscope for 2023 what to look forward to the most and what to watch out for✨


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