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watch live mecca & Madina TV 24 X 7 from your Mobile Phone in HD QualityThis is a Wonderful App in which you can watch 5

watch live mecca & Madina TV 24 X 7 from your Mobile Phone in HD Quality
This is a Wonderful App in which you can watch 5 times Prayer ( Salah ) From Makkah and Madinah.
Download the App now and start watching Makkah, Madinah, Live Haj And Umrah too.
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Makkah Or Bakkah ( Mecca ) is a city which is described in Quran as Umm Al Qurah ( Mother of all Lands ) which is located in Makkah Province of Saudi Arabia. Mecca is an ancient city with vast history, which was
under the Hejaz Province in ancient times before the formation of Saudi Arabia. Majority of All Pilgrims arrive to makkah from Jeddah Airport.
Prophet Mohammed ( SAW ) was born in Makkah or Mecca in Quraish Family. Phophet Mohammed ( SAW ) was made prophet and Quran was been revealed In Makkah. The Prophet Mohammed ( SAW ) did dawah to call the people towards Allah. He was been called as Ameen, When Kaaba was been rebuild that time Prophet Mohammed ( SAW ) made the peace between the people who were fighting to place the Hajre Aswat ( Black Stone ). He did dawah work among the residents of mecca and the Pilgrims those who use to come for haj, Many accepted islam and helping Prophet Mohammed ( SAW ) in Propagating islam.
The Prophet Ibrahim ( PBUH ) and his son built the Kaaba by the command of Allah, Allah
commanded Prophet Ibrahim ( PBUH ) to call the People towards his house i.e Kaaba for pilgrimage ( Haj ), Allah Told Prophet Ibrahim ( PBUH ) that people will visit the kaaba till the day of qiyamah. so Haj was made fard ( Compulsory ) to those who has means and healthy to travel. from those days millions of muslims visit Makkah for haj pilgrimage.
Prophet Mohammed ( SAW ) also did Umrah And Haj along with sahaba, and prophet Mohammed ( SAW ) has informed that Allah has Commanded every Muslim who has Financial and Physical ability to perform hajj and umrah.
During hajj around 3 million people does hajj every year and 4 to 5 million people does umrah each year. Haj is 5 days ritual in which haji wears the Ihram goes to Mina stay there to prepare himself for Arafat day. Prophet Mohammed ( SAW ) said the day of Arafat is the hajj, those who are present on the Arafat has done the haj. After Arafat the haji goes to Muzdalifah to stay in night,
from muzdalifah goes to jamarth to pelt the stone to devil then removes the hair, does tawaf and saee in Masjid al Haram and then stays in mina for three days which completes the haj.
The Prophet Mohammed ( SAW ) migrated to Medina in 622 CE with the companions ( Sahaba ), when he reached Madinah he stayed in one of companion house and later bought the land to built a Mosque which is called as Masjid Un Nabawi, which was adjacent to prophet Mohammed ( SAW ) house. Masjid un Nabawi is the second largest holiest mosque in Islam Located in Madinah In Saudi Arabia, millions of people visit the Masjid un Nabawi each year.
The Madinah Munawarah is the holiest site which is the center of Islam, from this place Islam Spreaded to the whole world. The islamic teaching were been thought in Masjid Un Nabawi from the Prophet Moahmmed ( SAW ) days till date. Holy Quran learning, memorization, hadith teaching are carried out daily for Hundreds of people. The Masjid Un Nabawi has Grave of Prophet Mohammed ( SAW ), Hazath Abu Bakar Sidiq radhi Allahuanhu and Hazath Umar farooq Radhi Allahuanhu.
The Madinah Munawara has many places which are of Historically Important to Islam. Mount uhud, Janathul Baqi, Masjid Qiblaithain, Majid Quba.

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